10 WEIGHT LOSS Hacks That Actually Work

10 WEIGHT LOSS Hacks That Actually Work

If you are a lazy person and yet you want to lose weight follow these amazing weight loss hacks that actually work.

1. Drink Lemon Juice/Lemon Water

Drink 2 tablespoons of lemon juice daily. It reduces your blood sugar level which helps and results in weight loss.

If you find lemon juice too sour you can mix lemon juice in water put some mint leaves in it and drink this detox drink daily. Just mix one Jug of water with two three lemons put some mint leaves in it and that is it. It is your perfect detox lemon drink for weight loss & it will clear your skin as well.

2.Drink 2 Glass of Cold Water Every Morning

Drink 2 Glass of cold water every morning with an empty stomach. It increases your metabolism by up to 30% . This means if you burn 1000 calories naturally drinking water will help you burn 300 extra calories a day .


3.Drinking Water Before Each Meal

Drinking water before each meal fills your stomach up so you don not feel hungry and you don’t eat a lot. This in turn helps to reduce your weight . Studies have shown if you do this daily for 8 weeks you will lose 4 pounds weight in total .

4. Eat With Smaller Plates

Eating with a smaller plates really works as when you eat with a smaller plate you trick your brain . Your brain thinks that you have eaten enough and psychologically you feel fuller and eat less. Similarly you can use a smaller bowl instead of a large one. So start using smaller plates and bowls.

5.Sleep 8 Hours a Day

Studies have shown that lack of sleep results in weight gain .Lack of sleep is bad for your bodies metabolism  and 8 hour sleep boosts your metabolism , it also lowers your stress hormone level which causes weight gain.   You must have to complete your sleep cycle & lose weight naturally while you sleep.

6.Eat Mono Unsaturated Fats 

Not all fats are bad. Studies have shown that eating mono unsaturated fat in the morning levels your blood sugar level and you are not craved for sugar intake . This in turn helps you to remain away from sugary drinks and foods and will result in weight loss.  One table spoon of almond butter in the morning this will regulate the blood sugar for rest of your day.

7.Turn The Heating Thermostat Down

This is a super lazy hack If you are super lazy and if you want to do nothing and lose weight the best tip is turn the heating thermostat a few levels down or if you live in a hot country put on the Air conditioner and keep your room cold. Studies have shown that human body lose more calories in a cold environment. Do not lower the temperature that much that your body shivers just keep the thermostat down and keep your room a bit cold.

8. Eat Food Slowly

Get your laziness come out and don not eat fast instead eat your food slowly. It helps in better digestion , better hydration & also weight loss. Your stomach sends in signal to your brain when you are full to stop eat.When you eat fast your stomach don not find it out that its full. In turn it sends the signal late and by then you over eat.  So best way not to over eat is to eat slowly.Chewing food more will help digest food better as well. Always take your time eat with your family and friends and enjoy your food by eating it slowly.

9. Eat in Small Portions 

Always eat your food in small portions. This causes less blood sugar spikes which in turn results in less fat gain. Always eat your food in small portions . Studies have shown that you should eat 5-6 times a day in small portions rather than one big meal.

10. Exercise Less

Its best to exercise less and intense rather than spending long hours in the gym. Studies have shown that intense workout for 10 minutes is 5 times better to burn fat rather than exercising slowing for longer hours. So to lose weight you have to be smart. Also it is much easier to take out 10 minutes from your busy routine and do extensive workout like jumping jacks, squats, wall squats and push ups etc.

We Find these amazing lazy hacks will help you reduce your weight and help you reach to an ideal weight .

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