What is The Fastest Way To Clear Your Skin Blemishes

Are you looking for the fastest and most effective way to achieve a clear and spotless skin? Are you tired of trying different beauty products on your skin and without any result? Then this simple skin remedy is for you. Perhaps, you do not know what the simple skin remedy is. It is a secret skin remedy that has long been forgotten for centuries. The secret skin remedy to clear you skin blemishes in a fast and effective way is white clay skin mask.
Follow along as we see the benefits, the preparation and how to apply white clay skin mask to treat your skin problems.

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 What is white clay?

You might wonder what white clay really is. White clay is found mostly from degradation of rocks. It has many names such as China clay, White Cosmetic clay, Hydrated Aluminum Silicate, Kaolin clay etc. White clay has been in existence for long even though it is widely uncommon today.

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What are the benefits of white clay?

The benefits of white clay are numerous and it cuts across all aspect of a healthy life. Our forefathers used white clay extensively in their daily lives. Some of the known benefits of white clay includes:
• It is used to care for the skin: white clay contains ingredients that cares for the skin. If your skin is delicate and soft, white clay does not irritate the skin at all.

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• White clay has been used to treat: Varicose veins, Arthritis etc. And because of its healing benefit, it can be used to treat sores and inflammation on the skin.

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How do you prepare white clay skin mask?

White clay skin mask is a very simple home remedy that you can try. It is also cheap to prepare. Our main ingredient for this simple home remedy is white clay. Follow these simple steps and get your white clay skin mask ready for use.
1. Get a clean pan and add water into it. Allow the water in the pan to boil and then set aside.
2. White clay is always sold in rock form. Get a small pestle and crush the solid white clay into powder. Make sure that you crush it smoothly.
3. Add the clean already boiled water into a bowl containing the crushed white clay and stir to form a paste.
4. Make sure that the mixture is not too thick. If it is, you can add a little amount of water. Then your white clay skin mask is ready to use.

How do you apply white clay skin mask?

To apply this simple skin remedy to your body, you can use a soft body brush or with your finger tips. Spread the white clay paste evenly on your skin and everywhere you want to see result. Leave the remedy on your skin for 5 minutes and rinse your body with clean water. You will see that your skin blemishes and dark spots would have gone away almost immediately.

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Do you know?

Do you know that white clay remedy can also give you your desired hair? Apply white clay remedy to your hair also and the appearance and beauty of your hair will improve.

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