Boil Lemons To Prepare Lemon Water & Get All the Benefits

Boil lemons and drink the liquid, you will be shocked by the effects. This is an accurate way to make lemon water, we all are doing the biggest mistake while making lemon water. This is the exact & corrected way on how you should make lemon water.

lemon water

You Will Need 6 Lemons

lemon water

Add 2 Glass of Water

Add Sliced Lemons In The Pot

It Boosts Your Immune System

immune system

Cleanses You From Contaminants


Refreshes Your Breath & Hydrates Your Lymph System

bad breath

Remove Kidney Stones

remove kidney stones

Secures You From Colds


Controls Your Metabolism


Helps To Lose Weight & Reduce Belly Fat

lose weight

Let The Pot Cool Down for 15 Mins & Eliminate The Lemons From Water

Add Honey If You Want – Drink The Hot Lemon Water In a Tea Cup

lemon water

For step by step instructions, you can also watch the video


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