Face Massage Techniques To Get a Slim & Perfect Shape Face -No Double Chin, No Acne, No Puffiness

Face Massage Techniques

1. Tapping The Face

It will loosen your face muscles so they are ready for a perfect massage. it Increases circulation & blood flow to your face.

2.Upward Strokes

It will lift your face and tightens your face muscles & stimulates facial muscles which will make your skin Healthy & glowing skin . some people concentrate on enhancing their beauty with make up, though make up does help, natural glowing and healthy skin is still the best. If you do this  facial massage regularly it can enhance the good circulation which can ensure natural healthy glowing skin.

3.Circular Motion

It will make you feel relax and relieve stress and anxiety which results in releasing happy hormones.  This technique will also helps reducing wrinkles .Wrinkles can be cause by the depletion of collagen in the skin.Facial massage can help reduce them .

4.Massage Lymph And Neck

This will make you feel relaxed . This facial massage wil also help  prevent breakouts / acne .

5.Chin To Neck Strokes

This will help reduce double chin and tighten your skin muscles. Many girls have double chin its a best way of tightening up your skin.

6. Zig Zag on Forehead

It relaxes facial muscle that can reduce the wrinkles in your forehead.this massage technique stimulates the production of collagen in the skin that prevents the formation of wrinkles over forehead.

7.Circular Strokes Around The Eyes

This will help reduce Puffy Eyes .Some women also experience puffiness of their face & eyes. Sometimes, because of too much applying of cosmetics, lack of sleep or sometimes no reason. This  massage can help you eliminate or if not, reduce the puffiness of your eyes &  face.

8. Press Down Pressure Points

This will help your entire body relax, which is perfect before bed .

10. Tap & Clap

It results in More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your cells.

Remember to drink water BEFORE & AFTER massage. It will keep you hydrated and will allow the additional toxins just released to be transported easier out of your body after the massage. Do this massage massage for 20 minutes every day to get glowing, acne & wrinkle free skin.

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