Hair Care Mistakes & Habits You Need To Stop Immediately

Today I am sharing some wrong hair care habits we do every day to maintain our hair, so basically I am going to point out the biggest hair care mistakes we all do and these are the cause to all hair related problems like hair fall, baldness, hair thinning and damaged hair.

Mistake no 1: Never Ever Use Flat iron to curl your hair

Like this is the biggest damage you can are doing with your hair, using a flat iron this way actually burns your hair, makes them really thin and you will end having uncontrollable hair fall. So a big no to curls using flat iron never ever.

Mistake no 2: Never Leave Your Hair Wet For Hours

You can avoid this if you have shoulder length hair, but if you have long hair then letting them dry naturally is the biggest ever mistake you would never love to do again because wet hair with length can take hours to get dry naturally, wet hair tends to break even more easily because strands are weaker and more prone to damage so girls please buy a blow dryer and remember to use the normal heat setting to dry your hair.

Mistake No 3: Back Comb

It’s quite natural to comb your hair in the direction they are, but things become worst when just for an occasion or party we comb them in opposite direction which is known as back comb, back comb gives you memorable looks with disasters results. It can be done like once in a blue moon but doing this everyday can ruin your hair, damage your roots and at the end you will have bald patches in that specific area.

Mistake no 4: Never Use Shampoo & Conditioner This Way

Remember One thing that shampoo is a scalp product, never use the shampoo on your hair as it makes them dry and frizzy. Always use the shampoo to clean your scalp only. Next our favorite conditioner is just meant for length, never every try to use the conditioner on scalp because it can cause hair fall. Conditioner is made to condition your hair not to condition your scalp so use it for length only.

Mistake no 5: Never Wrap Towel Around Your Hair

Our Instagram cuties love to wrap the towel around their hair and take such awww so cute type selfies but when its comes to reality, its quite dangerous for your hair because hair wet breaks more quickly due to weak strands, tight wrapped towel actually forces them to break, so my cuties go and dry them as quickly as you can.

Mistake no 6: Never Apply Aloe Vera Gel To Your Hair

Never ever try to rub fresh aloe vera leaf gel to your hair, because fresh aloe vera leaf gel has yellow liquid latex which actually makes them super dry and frizzy. But yes aloe vera in DIY mask, or the one available in the market is safe to use on hair. But fresh leave gel direct application can be dangerous so avoid that.

Mistake no 7: Avoid Using Hair Spray

We all love to style our hair in the way we want but frequent use of hair spray make them really weak and thin, oh yes if you use them on any event and after that you can wash them, condition them and use protein mask then it’s okay you are safe, but if you are lazy and you are sleeping with hair having spray on then wake up surprise will actually leave you shocking and because your hair is gonna fall like crazy so avoid using that and if you to then after care is necessary.

Mistake no 8: Never Go For Hair Rebonding

Rebonded hair just looks the best, I promise I simply love hair rebonding. But just because you love lion doesn’t mean he should not eat you. So basically rebonding actually works by entering your cuticals, so after 6 to 7 months when new start growing, the older ones start to fall. This is the science of rebonding. If you really love straight hair and you have no choice except rebonding then choose keratin, hair keratin is quite safe and it’s actually very good for your hair. It’s like a protein treatment, gives shine to your hair makes them manageable and 70% straight depending on the product you use.

Mistake no 9: Hair Dye

You can dye your hair using 20 volume, yes you heard this right I am saying you can dye your hair if you really love dying but never think to go for bleach. Because this is something you will regret lifetime. I will explain it like you are putting a dilute acid in your hair. When used on scalp can cause extreme lifetime dandruff, itiching and many other problems. So avoid bleach if you love your thick hair.

Mistake no 10: Never Scratch Your Head

I saw many people using their sharp nails to scratch their head. It’s actually damages your roots and cause hair breakage, if you have itichy scalp problem simply use medicated shampoo which is sulphur and paraben free. Or try any natural remedy but scratching your head is a big big no.

Friends we are not here to prove you guys wrong but actually as being an expert I feel like it’s my duty to share these hair care mistakes with you guys, so you can actually have long hair. I Know you all having been trying a lot of remedies to grow your hair and I know how it feels when they don’t work. I think now you know the reason why they are not working. So guys remember my points and share this with the people whom you think are following these mistakes. I will meet you in my next video till then bye bye.



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