Top 5 Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Of course, it is more than a nightmare to become bald. Now a day, hair loss is actually a common problem for men. As per the research of American Hair Loss Association, two-third majority of the male faces loss of hair and thinning by the age of 35. More than 85% of males are facing hair thinning problems.Hair loss treatment for men can be done with these 5 natural treatments.  Normally, hair thinning problem start by the age of 50 but some of the men is facing thinning and hair loss problems by the age of 21.

 Loss of the hair is actually out of control and it’s a hard truth. Most of the researchers said that baldness normally comes from the genes. Hair loss and thinning is basically a diverse experience for everybody.

What can be the reasons for hair loss?

In most of cases the hair loss is because of the genetic reasons that actually come from the parents. And there are many other reasons of the hair loss that includes some of the medications, excessive amount of Vitamin A or you are not taking enough proteins. If you are ill or feeling stress that these situations can become a sudden cause of heavy shedding of the hairs and this is known as telogen effluvium. The pattern of male baldness is referred as androgenic alopecia that comes genetically from the parents.

Hair fall cannot be prevented all the times, but many of the remedies and treatments are there to that are able to reduce the speed of hair loss.Before buying the special and specific tonics and supplements, you should have to do some research which supplement or the tonic are promising to treat and prevent the hair loss.Following are some of the natural remedies to prevent hair loss in men.


1. Scalp Massage

This natural remedy is considered as one of the best remedy to prevent the hair loss in men. As in men the basic reason for the hair loss is actually deficiency and a shortage of the circulation in the scalp. As circulation of blood is extremely important because it takes along the essential oxygen to hair follicles. And this oxygen maintains and stimulates the growth of hairs.

For that reason, regular and consistent massage of the scalp is going to maintain and keep the circulation of blood high and the scalp massage is going to bring all the important and essential elements and components to the scalp.Massaging and rubbing the bald areas regularly can become the reason of hair growth and this remedy eventually cures the harmlessness or the baldness.

2. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another great and natural remedy for the treatment of hair loss. Coconut milk is full of the vitamins as well as with the nutrients and these are very vital and necessary compounds for the hair growth. And theses compounds are going to keep you follicles as well as the hairs healthy. And this is also going to help you to retain and keep the remaining hair and also help in the growth of new hairs. Both coconut milk as well as coconut oil can be used to apply on the scalp. Or consuming both of them in a drink or food form can be essential for the treatment of hair loss. And this natural remedy is surely going to work.

3. Egg Wash

There are plenty of foods in our daily life that we can include in our regular diet and these foods are surely going to help in the hair care and the hair growth. On the other hand, many of the people are unaware about the fact that topically applying many of the foods is going to enhance and improve the growth of the hairs.

As well all know that eggs are full of proteins and these egg proteins have the capability to make the hairs strong and thick. For this you need to beat some of the eggs and make a paste of it and after that you need to rub that paste all over your hairs and then allow it to stay there for at least some minutes and after that wash it. This is considered as the best way to pack proteins in the hairs and this is going to make your hairs healthy and shiny and also increase the volume of the hairs.

4. Antioxidant Potential

There are some of the vegetables and fruits that are fully packed with all the essential antioxidants and these are the body’s main defense mechanisms against all the free radicals. Free radicals can ground some conditions, for instance, premature aging plus the death of the cells of the skin also includes the cells of the scalp.

On the other hand, many of the vegetables and fruits, for instance, honey, lemon juice, orange juice, avocados and bananas can be applied on the hairs and you can also use them in form of wash. All these several natural pulps are quickly going to boost up the growth of the hairs.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is also considered as a great remedy for the treatment of hair loss as it consists of a huge number of valuable nutrients, for instance, potassium as well as certain of the additional enzymes that gives you great benefits and promote the growth of the hair and prevent the dandruff as well. Growth of the hairs is impossible as the pores of the scalp and hair follicles are clogged because of the dandruff. Vinegar actually eliminates the problem of dandruff and let the follicles of the hairs to grow the hairs again.Glass vinegar bottle with isolated on white with clipping path. Rinse your hair with vinegar and water mixture to remove the dandruff and bacteria from the scalp which in turns helps for hair loss treatment in men.

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