7 Minute Workout to Lose Weight Fast, Burn Fat & Tone Your Body

Weight loss Workout and exercises are good for your body it helps to lose weight. Not only does it help you keep physically fit, it also help you to burn fat and lose body weight effectively. But before workouts would work for you, consistency and dedication is needed on your part. Many people that begin a workout routine stop even before they start to see the desired result. There are some special workout sessions that can help you lose weight quickly and effectively. These workout sessions can be performed under 7 minutes each day. So even if you’re very busy, you can still make out time for these workout sessions. Follow along as I show you these special workouts.

1. JUMPING JACKS Directions:

• With your hands pointed up, lift up your body into the air and land with your toes.

• For each air lifts you take, make sure that your legs are wide apart.

• Swing your hands to rhyme with your legs.

• It is important you land gently and maintain a straight posture.

2. WALL SQUATS directions:

• Look for a straight wall or fence and rest your back towards it.

• Then take a squat position by bending your hips forward.

• The weight of your body should rest on your thighs and not on your toes.

• Make sure that your neck and back are straight and your kneels are aligned to your feet.

3. CRUNCHES directions:

• Lie down straight with your back against the floor. Then place your two hands on your head as a support.

• Gently lift your upper back off the ground in a forward direction. Do not attempt to raise your lower back to avoid strain on it.

• While raising your upper back, avoid putting stress on your neck.

4. STEP UPS directions:

• To perform step ups, get an elevated platform that is flat and not too high.

• Get on the platform with your feet one at a time and climb down gently.

• Always endeavor to keep your back straight while performing this workout.

• You can support your waist with your hands to give you a good balance.

5. SQUATS directions:

• Stretch your two hands forward and maintain a standing posture.

• Go down gently with your hips bent. To attain a free range of motion, do not bring your kneels over your toes.

• Engage your abdomen tightly and avoid bending your spine.

6. TRICEPS DIPS directions:

• Get a platform or a table and place it behind you.

• Your hands should be positioned behind your torso.

• With the table as a support, descend and ascend gently. Make sure that you do not go down too much to avoid hurting your shoulder joints and muscles

7. FRONT LUNGES directions:

• In a standing position, stretch out one of your legs and do a little bend at the kneel. Bring the leg backward and continue with the other leg.

• To achieve a wide range of motion, do not stretch your leg too far apart. And also, do not lower your pelvis so that your kneels touch the ground.

8. SIDE PLANK directions:

• Tilting to your side, rest on your elbow and place your leg at right angle to the other leg.

• Your Kneel and foot should also touch the ground. • Remain in a straight position by not looking towards the ground. Focus your sight to a forward object. Remember that your head, shoulder and feet should all be aligned.

9. PUSH UPS directions:

• To do a push up, place your two hands along the sides of your head on the floor. Also stretch your toes to rest on the floor.

• Make sure that your head, neck and torso are properly aligned in the same way.

• Then flex and extend your elbow joint as you go down towards the floor. When you’re a bit low, ascend afterwards.


During the course of this workout sessions, always keep your glutenous and abdomen engaged. Maintain a straight posture to avoid serious injuries to your spine. Repeat each procedure as your schedule allows. Do not forget to share this tips to your friends and families.

Do See how to do all these exercise watch this video tutorial by My Simple Remedies.

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