GrandMaa Secret To Grow Extremely Long Hair, Grow Hair Faster – Stop Hair Fall

How To Grow Hair Faster & Stop Hair Fall

Your Hair needs your time & care to grow faster, but in today’s busy lifestyle no one has time to take proper care. So today we have bring you the best hair care tips + (A Secret Hair Growth Recipe) which would not only stop hair fall but also helps to grow hair faster, long & thick. You need to add this hair growth mask to your daily hair care routine & results will leave you Amazed.


Ripe Bananas (2)

Cold Pressed Pure Extra Virgon Olive Oil (3 Tbsp)

Vitamin E Capsules (2)

Coconut Cream (2 Tbsp)


  • You need you start up by adding 2 ripe bananas in a Clean bowl & Mash them using a fork or in a blender jar whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Next You need to Add 3 Tbsp of Extra virgin Olive Oil, which you can easily get from any herbal store or order online.
  • Then You need to add 2 Capsules of vitamin E, you cannot replace the capsules with Vitamin E Oil.
  • Lastly you need to add 2 tablespoons of Coconut Cream.
  • Now mix it really well, until it forms a nice thick consistent paste.


For Application Divide Your Hair in Proper Ear To Ear Section & Apply the cream even using a brush, on each small section.

Use Your Fingers To emulsify the product nicely to your hair, apply following the same technique to your entire hair.

Now take a towel, Dip it in warm water & squeeze extra water. Next Wrap the warm towel all around your hair and leave it for 25 minutes.

Wash your hair after with Lukewarm water & You are Done. For More details check out the video recipe!

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