How To Use Banana Peel For The Removal of Acne And Pimples

Hello friends and viewers. My name is Krystyna and the name of my channel is Be Gorgeous By Krystyna, today I want to show you some simple hacks you can do just using  banana peels and chopped banana. I know you like eating bananas as food. But do you also know that the peels have many benefits on your skin and body too? After watching this video, trust me you won’t throw banana peels away any longer. Have you have used banana peel for acne, have you ever used banana peel for pimples, if no then check this out.


To remove any kind of scars from your face, just get the peel of a ripe banana. Do not use the peel if it’s still green. The acid is not good for your skin. Then cut the yellow peel into three large pieces and rub the inside layer of the cut peel on your face. Do this for 10 minutes each day and I assure you that your facial  scars would be gone in no time.

banana peel for acne

If you want to remove wrinkles from your face quickly, then rub banana peel on your face. Gently massage the peel for 5 minutes on your skin each day. The banana peel would help tighten our skin pores and leave you with a youthful appearance.

banana peel for acne


We all love to eat banana, but now you can use banana peel for acne. When my pimples problems started, I used banana peels to eliminate them totally. Just get the soft peels of a ripe banana and rub it on your skin for only 5 minutes each day. Make sure you don’t discontinue the routine when your pimples are reducing. Continue till all your pimples are totally gone. Trust me, you won’t have to bother about pimples again. In fact, after using the banana peels your skin will become properly hydrated and moisturised leaving no chance for any pimple to appear.

banana peel for acne

banana peel for acne


Just cut a small section of the banana peel and gently drop it on the surface of your teeth. Wait for 8 minutes and rinse your teeth with clean water. I recommend this to you because it is the easiest method to get your teeth sparkling white naturally without spending money on artificial products.

banana peel for teeth


To prepare this mask, cut a ripe banana into small slices. Also take off the banana peel and cut it into three large pieces. Put both contents in a blender and add 1 teaspoon of rice flour, 1 teaspoon of curd and a little quantity of water. Blend the ingredients until they form a smooth paste and then store in a container. Please friends, always ensure that you use a fresh banana peel for this mask if you want to get best results.

banana peel for acne

To apply this mask, use a face brush. Dip the brush in the container, take enough quantity of the paste and rub it on your face. Do this gently and thoroughly so that the paste covers all areas of your face forming a mask. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You will notice that your face will become instantly soft and smooth. Continue this routine three times a week to get maximum benefits.

banana peel for acne

Dear friends, make sure you try out these tips I’ve just shared with you. If you diligently stick to the instructions in this video, you won’t believe the great results you’ll see. Also don’t forget to share it with family and friends who may find this information helpful. Now use banana peel for acne and pimples.

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banana peel for acne
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